What is the drug Nembutal used for?

Nembutal sodium is used short-term to treat sleeplessness or make you sleep during surgery. Nembutal Sodium is also used as emergency medicine for seizures.

How does Nembutal make you feel?

Confusion, agitation, hallucinations; weak or superficial breathing; slow heart rate, weak pulse; or. a feeling of dizziness, as if you might pass out.

What does Nembutal do to the brain?

Pentobarbital is a barbiturate (bar-bit-chur-at). Pentobarbital slows down the activity of your brainiac and nervous system. This is a short-term use as a sedative to treat insomnia or to put you to sleep during surgery.

Is Nembutal still being manufactured?

The Nembutal brand name has been suspended in the US. If the FDA has authorized generic versions of this product, generic counterparts may be available.